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  Online invoicing

Invoices as PDF attachments via email, in the corporate design: this is what your customers expect, and you can save postal fees!

The electronic invoicing is a quick, safe and effective alternative to letter and fax. You optimize your business by using the PDF-invoice, avoiding the time-consuming steps of the invoice shipment; PDF-invoices can also be sent a lot faster than paper bills, in case of audit. Moreover, the information required for a payment can be highlighted, copied and pasted into an online referral form directly from the PDF-invoice.
All invoices are archived as PDF files into our CRM\DMS system. This saves space and time when retrieving statements, and helps protecting the environment due to reducing your paper and transport volume.



  • Create the  invoice layouts for shipping and send invoices as PDF files via e-mail
  • Ability to store in the PC CADDIE CRM\DMS system


  • Customer management Financial

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